Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 11, 2014

Hey guys. This is just a short email because I just got to Skype with my family for Mother's Day.
Everything is going well for this week. We've met a new "old family". They've been in the church for a long time, the Ujang family. They just barely started coming to church these last couple weeks, and so we've met them a few times, and we've started teaching one of their granchildren, Alexander (12 years old), but we also have hopes to teach another part of their family with him as well, who is already married, named Indiana. They have a really huge family, and they all are really strong, but their work has been a hinderance to their coming to church, but they are going to try taking some time off to come to church.
Ujang even said that he wants to get all the old members back, and wants to see "hundreds" at church again. (Back in the day when the church was first here, people were being baptised by the hundreds, so there used to be a lot of members, but then they all disappeared)
So he may be a huge asset to our branch in the future. It's gonna be great.
This week we're planning for our Gawai party for Saturday. It's going to be a bunch of fun. :) :) So excited! 
Elder Vincent

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