Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 13

Hey guys! This was a super busy week I have no idea where to start. So...!!!!
I don't even know where to start. On Monday, my entire plans for my mission changed. I always knew there's a possibility for being transferred but I thought for me, I thought I was going to be in West Malaysia for another 4 months.
The next couple days were really hectic. I had to pack everything including some christmas presents that I didn't have time to send off yet. I needed to make sure that I didn't go over 30kg and I did not want to forget my shirts this time. :P
So on Wednesday, I got ready and Elder Dailey came to the train station with me to pick up his companion, Elder Hobbs (sadly we found out that he got in an accident and had to go to singapore to fix up his chin)
We said our farewells and then I got on a train to the airport. It's kind of weird feeling to be the only missionary. Kind of lonely. In the airport, I got a little lost and wasn't sure exactly how to get around, but I figured it out soon enough.
I talked to a dutch and muslim couple on the way. Really super nice people.
Then KUCHING!!!  My new companion is Elder Hirschi.
I was expecting to get hit in the face with Malay, but fortunately the first member I talked to had some knowledge about English. His name is Jeff. He is the nicest guy ever. He has been like a taxi driver and has driven us around a lot and helped get me a bike. I think the bike I got should last me throughout my entire mission, unless it gets stolen.
So every night, we've been with the members of the church a lot. they are SOOOO cool. I absolutely love them all. They like to make fun of all the missionaries and it doesn't matter what reason either. they just love to tease us.
Also, my Malay has improved  more in the last 5 days than it has in the last 12 weeks. The only challenge is that they also speak Iban and Sarawakian, so its impossible to know which language they are speaking. :D :D
So I have a few pictures of the members. most of them are women because here there aren't a lot of active men in the church. It's also find to see the young women. They will claim you as their boy friend sometimes.

I love it here. It's a completely different mission than it is in West, which is good and bad sometimes. I learned how to do things a lot differently, but here, things are done differently, so I'm kind of lost sometimes.
Still it's really fun, I enjoy it and I hope I get to stay here for a while. :) :) Love you guys, have a great week. :)
-Elder Vincent

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 12

Hello guys!
This week was pretty good. I wish I could share some awesome spiritual teaching experiences, but I still really have not taught more than 6 lessons since I've been here....Sooooo slow through the entire zone, sadly. 
First off, the highlight of my week goes to Elder Misa'alefua, the Samoan trainee that lives in Puchong with me. On Wednesday, he couldn't get into his office because he lost the key, so he tried picking the lock. He couldn't do that and so...he decided to kick the door down. Probably bad of me, but I just couldn't stop laughing after I saw a huge crack in the middle of the door!  I also had my new missionary training in Putra Jaya chapel, and it was great. President and Sister Mains always know how to cheer me up and give me strength when I'm about ready to give up. 
Then I got my package full of goodies and deliciousness. The muffins are amazing, but we don't have a muffin tin so I just put them on a pan and they came out weird, but they still taste great.
Thank you mom, for that! :D
I also got my name tags in Chinese and English. I probably won't wear my Malay one until I actually go into a Malay area.
It's starting to rain a lot...Almost everyday and it rained this morning for probably 2 hours. I was thinking "ou I really hope that I can go emailing..." but it cleared up before 9. :)
Tuesday and Wednesday, they celebrate some sort of Malay New Year, and so nothing is open. Which means I missed the day I could actually send letters home. Fortunately, I found another Pos Malaysia before the week was over.
Another thing that happened is we were taking a taxi to the Sunway Pyramid mall, and while we were all getting in, the driver started to drive off without Elder Stahle and everyone is just in shock. then I just yell "stop stop stop!!!"
and the taxi driver is like "ou, I didn't see him, he is too skinny"
I also went to a Muslim wedding. :D :D It was a church member's daughter getting married, and the father is taking it hard because she had to convert to Islam, which means she will never have contact with the church again.
Our investigator, Tony is really cool and legal, and even though we didn't ask him to be baptized, he calls the church he went to before he met us as his "Former church" 
I'm pretty sure we can make some good progress with him. :)

So transfers are this week, and I should be finding out in about an hour via email where I'm going, or whether I'm staying. so I'll probably send another email telling you guys where I'm going.
Have a great week! Thank you all for supporting me much in my mission and helping every step of the way. You are all in my prayers.
Have a great week. :)
P.S.:  Transfer came and I am being transferred to Kuching East Malaysia.  My new trainer will be Elder Hirschi.

 McDonalds Fried Apple Pie - Much Better Than American Baked
 Dad "These Taste Sooo Goood!"  You'll have to come over here to get one!
           Malay                   English                      Chinese

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week 11

Hey guys! So this week was good. I am just going to write a few.
Monday I did just as I said, I relaxed, watched a movie, and then went to contact for a little while.
Tuesday on our way to our meeting, we met a lady who was really interested and even invited US to come over before we asked if we could meet with her. It was really cool that she showed interest.
Wednesday we were at the bus stop and I was trying to find people to talk to but nobody would show up. Some Muslim girl started talking to me and she told me a lot of the cool things about Islam. She wasn't super religious though.
Thursday we had a big thunderstorm/rain storm again and we got soaking wet. Had to leave everything in the dryer room. So it was a short day because we can't really contact outside in the rain.
Friday I called a ton of people, hoping to find someone from the old potential investigators list. We found one! and we had a lesson with him on Saturday. He seems like he could be good. He took a book of Mormon in Chinese and we will probably meet with him every Saturday. We also listened to General Conference. Only 10 people showed up, which was really sad. I was expecting more.
Sunday we had general conference again which was really good. 
Remember the Nigerians?  One of them came again so he is showing interest, and we will try to have a lesson with him this week. :)
In other news...
I lost my scriptures on Sunday and I looked all over for them but nothing. I checked the church 3 times, but still nothing. Elder Stahle found them over near the pulpit of the church on Friday, I think.
Oh and another thing is MEGAMACS!!! So imagine a big mac, but twice the size, and you get a mega mac. 4 patties of deliciousness. I loove Mcdonalds here. :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week 10

Hey guys Happy to email you all again I always look forward to Monday to hear from you.
Here are some interesting things that happened this week.
Monday we went to Pasar Seni which is basically a black market where we can barter for stuff, usually souvenirs and what not. I bought a powerful laser pointer! It has different lenses so I can make patterns on the ceiling. I can point a laser at a cat from 4 floors up. 
Tuesday we met a Nigerian that is soooo cool. basically all Nigerians know about the church and we got his hand-phone number.
Wednesday, I found an octopus massage chair, and I MUST TELL YOU ABOUT THIS!!!! ITS AMAZING!!! massage chairs are really popular, but this one is amazing. you should look it up, and it acts like youre being massaged by an octopus. I really want one at home so bad!! but it's like 13000 ringgit and 1500 to ship it so like....5000 American dollars.
Thursday, we found a Jawi alphabet book (the Arabic-like script that Malay used to be written in) and we started to learn how to write Jawi. :)
Also, it finally rained! We were outside when it started so we ran inside a food kedai to buy some bags to put our stuff in. Rain is 10 times harder here than America. it's basically feels like a hurricane. Trees were scattered all over the road.  When we got to the church, I was soaking wet. I played the piano for a while and I'm teaching myself how to play. 
Friday, I took some pictures with friends and then printed them.
Saturday I  met a  Muslim man, he started just randomly preaching to me and I couldn't say anything to him, but one of the weirdest things he said was that he thought Barack OBama was better than him because he doesn't commit any sin..  So OBama is basically the perfect Muslim (He was supposed to come to Malaysia on Friday, but he cancelled).
Sunday was an awesome day.  Four people came to church today! all Nigerians that we talked to during the week.

That's basically my week in a nutshell! :)

I love you guys and hope you have a great week. :)

Elder Jesse Vincent