Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week 11

Hey guys! So this week was good. I am just going to write a few.
Monday I did just as I said, I relaxed, watched a movie, and then went to contact for a little while.
Tuesday on our way to our meeting, we met a lady who was really interested and even invited US to come over before we asked if we could meet with her. It was really cool that she showed interest.
Wednesday we were at the bus stop and I was trying to find people to talk to but nobody would show up. Some Muslim girl started talking to me and she told me a lot of the cool things about Islam. She wasn't super religious though.
Thursday we had a big thunderstorm/rain storm again and we got soaking wet. Had to leave everything in the dryer room. So it was a short day because we can't really contact outside in the rain.
Friday I called a ton of people, hoping to find someone from the old potential investigators list. We found one! and we had a lesson with him on Saturday. He seems like he could be good. He took a book of Mormon in Chinese and we will probably meet with him every Saturday. We also listened to General Conference. Only 10 people showed up, which was really sad. I was expecting more.
Sunday we had general conference again which was really good. 
Remember the Nigerians?  One of them came again so he is showing interest, and we will try to have a lesson with him this week. :)
In other news...
I lost my scriptures on Sunday and I looked all over for them but nothing. I checked the church 3 times, but still nothing. Elder Stahle found them over near the pulpit of the church on Friday, I think.
Oh and another thing is MEGAMACS!!! So imagine a big mac, but twice the size, and you get a mega mac. 4 patties of deliciousness. I loove Mcdonalds here. :)

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