Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 27, 2015

This week was pretty crazy. I still have no idea how this week went by so fast.
This Tuesday I went on splits with one of my zone leaders, then the AP's came on splits with them that night, and then I had to go on splits again with the district leader. Then Thursday we had to get ready for President to come to do Mains house inspections. We still haven't been able to get everything in order because we just moved all of the church's beds, fridges, and other furniture all in our house while we wait to find a new house to move into. So while getting that in, we got another person on date this week and hoping to get another couple people on date too. A member's husband is down to use the van to pick people up, and he may want to be baptized as we continue teaching him too. :) 
Brother Lawren got his mission call.  His video of him opening call I am in, and I guess it's on Facebook already.  I joked about training him at the end of my mission and finishing his training. Way exciting too.
Friday President came and I got some counsel that really has touched me to help me just keep going and never slow down until the end. I hope to keep it to heart until the end of my mission.  District conference took up the rest of the week and unfortunately it rained all day long and my investigators have to walk a whole hour to get there, so they couldn't attend. It was pretty sad. But what can you do? Just keep working with them to help them have stronger faith and come as much as they can.
I read this verse and I want to start finishing my emails to home with a scripture. just for kicks and giggles, I translated this one into Iban (there is no Iban book of Mormon yet)

Lalu dalam semua masa, enggau semua endur, iya deka muka ka mulut iya lalu nusui injilKu enggau nyawa baka terumpit, maya siang enggau malam. Lalu aku deka meri ngagai iya pengering ti enda kala dipeda di antara mensia.             Ajar enggau Sempekat 24:12
Doctrine and Covenants 24:12

P.S.  Just got transfer news.  I'm being transferred to Singapore and my companion is going to Sandakan.

Called to the Singapore Mission

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 19, 2015

Hey guys! This week was pretty good, save the wrecked shirts.
So about that uhmm...Well let's just say Sibu has been raining non-stop for the last week and trying to get to appointments has been interesting. Wet all day long, cold all day long. My mudflap broke off and so about 5 of my white shirts got destroyed from muddy water. I bought a new one, but it wasn't long enough so a couple days later I modified it to extend twice as long so the water doesn't splash up and hit my shirt. I ended up just buying a jacket to wear while I'm biking, not just because I am getting dirty, but I have been so cold here!  I thought I would never say that but I truly have been cold this whole week.
Anyway, this week we had our zone meeting, so we had a bunch of elders in our house.  Twelve to be exact. Eight of them slept on these taco mats that we have laying down. We also moved our house out because our contract suddenly ended and nobody had warned us. Fortunately we got the whole zone to help us out to clean it up.
We also had some great experiences with our investigators. We got two more investigators on date for next month. They are working out way well. I got the opportunity to talk to a half active member and have maybe one of my most spiritual lessons about the temple and his desire to go to the temple this year so he can get the work done for his deceased wife. Way cool desire and I hope to be able to get him started.

This week is gonna be pretty busy.
Tuesday I'm going on splits with Elder Smith my zone leader
Then Wednesday I'm going on splits with Elder Thatcher my district leader
then Thursday and Friday we are having interviews with President Mains
And then Saturday and Sunday we are having district conference.
Got to do a lot of stuff before district conference happens...

Love you guys!

Elder Vincent

Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

Hey guys. I don't have a lot of time again so I will just put some hi-lights. And also I know that those that are on missions don't have time to read them, (unless you are a lot better at reading emails than I am) I'll just put some highlights for this week:
  • Got an investigator on date for 7th of February. Hoping to get 3 or 4 more on date this week.
  • Moved houses this week to the zoneleaders house. Somebody kinda failed to tell us that we are getting kicked out on the 15th.
  • we have the entire zone together this week for zone meeting so we will be bowling later this afternoon
  • got to meet one of my old investigators from Bintulu. She is moving to Sibu for university...maybe
  • I now have only 6 months left on my mission. Time to go even harder this year before I come home!
  • Found a great way to get people to church by bus. It involves gathering people from house to house and getting to the bus stop which is about 15 minute walk away. Lots of less actives don't have transport so maybe we can use that as a way to get them back.
  • I  ran into 2 different Chinese people within 30 minutes that were willing to talk to us for a while. (That doesn't happen too often. But it's a referral to the Chinese elders anyway)
Love you guys! Have a great week. Maybe soon it will be warm enough to go play futsal or badminton.
Wait do you guys even do that stuff? ;)

Elder Vincent

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Years Everyone!

Happy New Years everyone!
For those who are lazy to read a huge email, here is just the jist of my week. I honestly get a bunch of emails from other missionaries and I'm way too lazy to read them all. Tl;dr
3 investigators came to church this week by WALKING there for an hour.
English class was successful. We had maybe 10 come this week and then some came later.
One of our new investigators asked us to help him get to baptism before we even invited him to baptism.
I had exchanges with one of my zone leaders on Saturday. We had to go through multiple floods on our bikes to get from house to house.
Another plane has gone down. Third one this year.
We are bringing back family home evenings in Sibu.  An elder before destroyed family home evenings and so we are going to bring it back starting on the 22nd of January.