Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week 10

Hey guys Happy to email you all again I always look forward to Monday to hear from you.
Here are some interesting things that happened this week.
Monday we went to Pasar Seni which is basically a black market where we can barter for stuff, usually souvenirs and what not. I bought a powerful laser pointer! It has different lenses so I can make patterns on the ceiling. I can point a laser at a cat from 4 floors up. 
Tuesday we met a Nigerian that is soooo cool. basically all Nigerians know about the church and we got his hand-phone number.
Wednesday, I found an octopus massage chair, and I MUST TELL YOU ABOUT THIS!!!! ITS AMAZING!!! massage chairs are really popular, but this one is amazing. you should look it up, and it acts like youre being massaged by an octopus. I really want one at home so bad!! but it's like 13000 ringgit and 1500 to ship it so like....5000 American dollars.
Thursday, we found a Jawi alphabet book (the Arabic-like script that Malay used to be written in) and we started to learn how to write Jawi. :)
Also, it finally rained! We were outside when it started so we ran inside a food kedai to buy some bags to put our stuff in. Rain is 10 times harder here than America. it's basically feels like a hurricane. Trees were scattered all over the road.  When we got to the church, I was soaking wet. I played the piano for a while and I'm teaching myself how to play. 
Friday, I took some pictures with friends and then printed them.
Saturday I  met a  Muslim man, he started just randomly preaching to me and I couldn't say anything to him, but one of the weirdest things he said was that he thought Barack OBama was better than him because he doesn't commit any sin..  So OBama is basically the perfect Muslim (He was supposed to come to Malaysia on Friday, but he cancelled).
Sunday was an awesome day.  Four people came to church today! all Nigerians that we talked to during the week.

That's basically my week in a nutshell! :)

I love you guys and hope you have a great week. :)

Elder Jesse Vincent


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