Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 9

Hey everyone! This week was a lot better than last. We actually had some success. Slowly but surely things are getting better, and we are building a foundation with people by doing a ton of contacting. It isn't effective, but it's all we have to work with at the moment. We have found 7 or 8 people that are really interested, and only were able to teach 2 this week, but it's a start.
Monday we went to Batu caves, which translates basically to some caves with a ton of monkeys! you can buy a dozen bananas to feed them. While I was looking at a monkey to feed it, another monkey jumped on me and stole all of my bananas. I think some of the other missionaries got a good picture of it. It was pretty cool. They have some fun things there. :)
Tuesday we kind of went exploring into the jungle today. We had a referral to meet but we had no idea how to exactly get there. When we got to the person's house, it was pretty much in a huge jungle. People freaked out and thought we were "orang Eropah" which is Europeans. I guess everyone here thinks we are Europeans, but they were scared of us because nobody ever comes to their neighborhood. Someone called security on us, but we got a ride back home from one of them.
Wednesday, I ate my first durian. The national fruit....It's alright but after eating a whole durian, I wanted to throw up. Anyway, I gave a Book of Mormon in Tagolog. We basically have to keep a Chinese, Tamil, Tagolog, Malay, and English Book of Mormon with us all the time, because you never know who you are going to come in contact with.
Thursday, I ate some Domino's which is as cheap as Little Caesars. The pizza here is okay but not as good. I met one person that wants to meet with us tomorrow. Yay! Finally. We went home early because Elder Dailey was having a killer headache and the loud traffic wasn't helping out.
Friday, I had my first bloody nose...woohoo! I thought I was going to be over them, but nope. But that didn't make the day bad, because we taught our first lesson! , seems pretty interested but he's hesitant about baptism because he has already been baptized. We will probably teach again next week. We also met 2 other people today, one of which basically told us that we better call him within a few hours or he'll be upset (he never answered) We've placed 7 books of Mormon this week which almost doubles Elder Dailey's record.
Saturday,  Finally we are getting stuff to do. We walked over 8 miles today.
Oh, and also I've been offered a prostitute several times now, but it's from a guy that speaks really bad Malay, so I don't understand a word he's saying, but Elder Dailey just tells him that we already have a girl back home so we don't want one.
Sunday- We had our first baptism since December! He's an investigator from the other Elders in Puchong, Really fun day. Every week, we have food after church that the members bring. I wish America was like that. They looooove food here. :D :D

Also, I don't know if I let you know, but there are NO stars here. Absolutely none. The clouds and smoke cover them up, so I haven't seen one star since I've come. Sad day, but oh well! It usually gets dark around 7:30 here.

So there is my week, I love you all! Have a great week. :)

Elder Vincent
 Batu Caves
 Monkey at Batu Caves that Stole My Bananas

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