Friday, September 6, 2013

MTC West - Week 5

Hey! I have so little time today.  I have a lot of things to write, so I am going to try to make this pretty simple. I got my flight schedule a while ago. I apologize for my mistakes in my emails. I had to type at full speed to get everything written before I go to Singapore. Which is on Tuesday!
Thursday:  I'm not sure how people consider p-day to be a relaxing day.  I walk and do so much more on pday than any other day, but! I got to go to a burger restaurant and I bought a 1/2 pound bacon burger.  I met another Poky citizen today. So excited. Didn't know him, but he went to Poky High school.
Friday- went to the MTC main again to pick up my pills for malaria, so I had a good time, spoke with the Russian and Czech missionaries. I always look for Ethan and Brigham, but they must be in class when I come. I taught 2 lessons back to back and they went really well. I also got my travel plan and we have an awesome ride for 2 whole days from here to LA to Hong Kong and Singapore.  So I will be flying to LA with 15 Malay Singapore missionaries, and about 8 Indonesian missionaries, and then we meet up with the English and Chinese Singapore missionaries in LA and we fly to Hong Kong together.
Saturday- So today was just awesome, plain awesome. Our teacher told us about his first couple days after getting to Singapore. :D
Sunday - So it's fast Sunday, for no breakfast or lunch. wasn't bad actually.  I got up a few minutes later than normal but I can't wait to go to Singapore because we sleep in til 7, and for other reasons of course. I played the violin today.  It was a little out of tune, but I figured out how to play.
Monday- relaxing day. easy stuff to do.
Tuesday- Saw Ethan and Brigham again! last time before we go on our missions. Tonight I got like 5 letters cuz I didn't get any from Saturday to Monday due to the Labor Day Holiday. 
Wednesday: Today I helped bring the new missionaries in instead of going to class so we showed them to their apartments. I met another Elder Vincent!! it was really funny to meet him. :) He is from Bountiful and named Spencer. Maybe he is related to the family somehow? Not sure. :)  We brought in 200 new missionaries, and guess what? Wyview had only 200 missionaries there, when we got here.  Now there is like 700.

Anyway, that's all for this week, and probably I won't have time to write next week either. It depends on when my p-day is at. I might skip it entirely. 
I love you all, I hope you are doing well. Keep in touch!

-Elder Vincent

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