Friday, August 30, 2013

MTC West - Week 4

Last Thursday we took pictures at the temple. I will have a few down there, and I have a couple pictures of my Frenchie friends. I get to speak French with them, but only one of them speaks slow enough for me to understand them. No nose bleeds today, yay! I spoke with the Indonesian missionaries a lot too.
Friday, we learned a ton of new things in Malay. It was nice to know these things, because we were given an oral test on this night to see how fluent we are in the language from 1 to 7. I used the stuff I learned to help me on the test, and I did super super well. I was a little nervous but our teacher told us that most people on average get a 3 before they leave the MTC.  I found out on Saturday, but I got a 5!!! Man, I didn't know I was that good. My teacher told me to reach to get a 6 before my mission, but I doubt that will happen. It's really hard to do that in the MTC....
Saturday, we taught another lesson today and my teacher had nothing bad to say about it. He even struggled to think of ways we could improve. Not every lesson will go this well, though. We have a couple days planned ahead, so we won't have to work so much on Sunday.
Sunday - Really slow day, hurray. I was so glad to take a break from it all. I still did some studying, but I wasn't so stressed. Watched a couple short videos about the lives of a couple members of the church in the 1800s. One was a stone cutter and the other donated a lot of money to help the church in building the Kirtland temple. I got a short nap, which meant everything to me. My eyes are constantly red (not completely) because I don't get enough sleep every night, and the hour of computer time I get hurts my eyes because I'm not used to looking at computer screens.
Monday  went by so fast that I don't remember much of what happened. Before I knew it, I was at dinner eating, thinking that it was lunch time. But I also remember that we had an awesome lesson with our investigator Ng (pronounced like Dung, but without the D). Elder Holland was also directly below me. We hoped that he would eat with us, but his meeting went until after our lunch period. Today we thought of weird rumors like we are going to be reassigned to go to China, because our zone leaders had a meeting with the MTC president, and we thought it was about our flight to Singapore. (We might have a very long layover in Hong Kong, but I'll find out next week!)
Tuesday- So today was really short as well. It was really awesome, I saw Ethan and Brigham at choir today! Elder Andersen spoke today, and he shook hands with some of the people, but I was too far back. It's so nice to see both of them. Ethan seems to be doing well from what he told me, and his companion is a lot like him (I didn't meet him, he didn't come to choir) so hopefully that works out well. Brigham won't be coming to the Wyview MTC where I'm at, unfortunately until after I leave. But I will see him and Ethan once more before I leave.
So Tuesday, we have a 30 minute walk back to our classroom at about 8:00pm, but it was raining a ton! Not enough to get us soaked like in Singapore, but I had my nice watch and camera, so I was worried. I just put my suit over them and walked in it. It was awesome ride back. :D :D
Wednesday I went to get my pills for Malaria, so I found out that I will basically have to take them once a day, and make a spray out of a few items to spray on my clothes every 3 months, so that I don't get malaria. I will have to take these pills even after my mission for a whole month. It's insane. I also bought a Kitab Mormon in Malay! they finally had them in the  book store. I have one on my way to the mail, so it will be still good to have 2, but I was just so excited to get one. My district and I started reading together with an English Book of Mormon so we know what "menggemukakan" means. One other thing I did was laminate my pictures in my wallet so they don't get ruined. 

Anyway, very busy busy week and the next week is even busier. I teach 5 times a week now, and I pretend to be an investigator for another missionary companionship, which is pretty fun to do. :D
I hope you are doing very well and having a nice life. Enjoy school for those that are going to school again. :D I completely forgot that it is coming up.
 Here are a few pictures of my week. :) :)

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