Friday, August 16, 2013

MTC West - Week 2

My schedule switches around from day to day, but it is usually the same almost every day. The schedule is hard when I have 6 hours of class time in a row. Usually it is split up into less time. I am starting to get a little bored in the classroom, because that is where I spend most my day. A lot of districts spend some time outside to study, but my district has made it a rule to stay in the class for it all.

Anyway, my companion wakes up at 6:15 to take a shower. I wake up at 6:20, but I shower the night before to save us all some time. The other 2 in my district, Elder Capener and Elder Strathearn, take showers and get ready about 6:25. we get out of apartment by 6:55 and have our 7am class

We read scriptures for an hour, but we always study based on the needs of our investigators (I have 2 people that I teach) then we have breakfast. There is so much food that I restrict my meals to only one plate of food per meal. 

Gym comes at different times of the day, but I like it at night. The sand on the volleyball court is dried up by then. I run about 0.42 miles with my companion, and then I finish up a mile without him. I am hoping to get to 3 miles by the end of my MTC West stay. We then have 1 hour of language study, which means I learn 30-40 words.

So far, I know how to say "Hi, how are you, and good" in Spanish, Italian, French, German, Japanese, Czech, Russian, Malay, Indonesian, Finnish, Lithuanian, Chinese, Malagasy, Hungarian, and Armenian. I could have spent time working on learning Malay, but oh well. People here get excited if you can speak any of their mission language.

I saw Brigham at choir on Tuesday again. Brigham has asked me a few questions about the new campus that I am at because he will transfer here in a couple weeks. He told me a funny story about how it is hard to speak on "faith" in French, because there are 4 words that are so similar. Faith, fire, liver, and time are the same basically.

Anyway, I am loving it here. The people are really nice. We have a ton of food, and we have really nice teachers. We are probably laughing way more than I have ever done before.

By 9:15, we get our letters for the day, and then we are in our apartment by 9:30 so I can write about my day.
Tuesday night, Elder Richard G. Scott spoke on prayer. IT was amazing. I could feel the Holy ghost so strong talking to me. He taught us that we need to make our prayers to God more like a conversation, rather than a list of things we are thankful for and for things we need. We still can ask for things from Him, but we can all improve on having a better relationship with God.

We get answers from Him in one of 3 ways: 1) Peace and confidence. If we pray and feel peace, then the answer we get is good. 2) We feel confused and uncertain. If we feel a stupor of thought, then it is not correct. 3) We receive no response. This is one test that God gives us to grow our faith, and never give up on Him.

 My District
Me and My Companion Elder O'Bryant

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