Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 13

Hey guys! This was a super busy week I have no idea where to start. So...!!!!
I don't even know where to start. On Monday, my entire plans for my mission changed. I always knew there's a possibility for being transferred but I thought for me, I thought I was going to be in West Malaysia for another 4 months.
The next couple days were really hectic. I had to pack everything including some christmas presents that I didn't have time to send off yet. I needed to make sure that I didn't go over 30kg and I did not want to forget my shirts this time. :P
So on Wednesday, I got ready and Elder Dailey came to the train station with me to pick up his companion, Elder Hobbs (sadly we found out that he got in an accident and had to go to singapore to fix up his chin)
We said our farewells and then I got on a train to the airport. It's kind of weird feeling to be the only missionary. Kind of lonely. In the airport, I got a little lost and wasn't sure exactly how to get around, but I figured it out soon enough.
I talked to a dutch and muslim couple on the way. Really super nice people.
Then KUCHING!!!  My new companion is Elder Hirschi.
I was expecting to get hit in the face with Malay, but fortunately the first member I talked to had some knowledge about English. His name is Jeff. He is the nicest guy ever. He has been like a taxi driver and has driven us around a lot and helped get me a bike. I think the bike I got should last me throughout my entire mission, unless it gets stolen.
So every night, we've been with the members of the church a lot. they are SOOOO cool. I absolutely love them all. They like to make fun of all the missionaries and it doesn't matter what reason either. they just love to tease us.
Also, my Malay has improved  more in the last 5 days than it has in the last 12 weeks. The only challenge is that they also speak Iban and Sarawakian, so its impossible to know which language they are speaking. :D :D
So I have a few pictures of the members. most of them are women because here there aren't a lot of active men in the church. It's also find to see the young women. They will claim you as their boy friend sometimes.

I love it here. It's a completely different mission than it is in West, which is good and bad sometimes. I learned how to do things a lot differently, but here, things are done differently, so I'm kind of lost sometimes.
Still it's really fun, I enjoy it and I hope I get to stay here for a while. :) :) Love you guys, have a great week. :)
-Elder Vincent

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