Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 14

So it's really week 14 or something, but its week 8 in Malaysia.
So....let's see, what should I talk about...
This week went by so quickly that I just have no idea where to start.
Monday, we went to do some shopping and I bought a 4 foot sumpit, which is a blow dart gun. I have had a lot of fun with that. I have been shooting pillows with it. :D :D
Tuesday we had our district meeting, which ended up just being a social meeting for the rest of the day.
Wednesday, we just went to a few members houses, got to know them. One of the members poisoned me. He gave me this bitter seed to try and it made my mouth more bitter than ive ever felt before. it's crazy. it just gets worse and worse too. The members just stuff us full of food. I want to stop eating but they just tell us "don't be shy!" and then you have to eat it.
The rest of the week, it was just raining really really hard so we couldn't do a whole lot outside.
Elder Poppleton and Elder Griffin, the other elders in our house, don't have bikes, so its been a little difficult figuring out what we can do together, and what we just do on our bikes and leave them. We try to include them, but some times peoples houses are just too far to walk around.
Today, we are celebrating Deepavali! it's an Indian holiday which is a ton of fun! we are at our president's house who is Indian so he is celebrating it. Deepa means lights in Hindi, I think. Its kind of like a holiday where you eat and eat and eat from morning until night. It's a holiday to ward off the evil spirits. 
I bought another sarung which is really nice. It's the Muslim skirt that they use to pray. It's really comfortable to sleep in. I'll take a picture next week. :D :D

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