Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 17

Hey guys!
So this has been probably the craziest/worst week of my mission. It started out with my accident on Monday, so I will explain that.  Right after I emailed and ate, I was riding back home and I was in the bike lane. And as I was riding, a motorcycle was in the bike lane and just rammed me off of my bike. I landed on my knee and arm, so I had some scrapes but not a lot of bleeding. I was pretty lucky. The back rim of my bike was completely destroyed, so I couldn't ride it home. The motorcyclist got hurt a lot worse than I did but his motorcycle also got pretty damaged. Anyway, theres' nothing here that you can do. So I walk home, which is only about 5 minutes away. I didn't do anything else for the day. I cleaned up the wounds. One of them on my arm looked pretty awful but it's healing up pretty quickly, and almost gone.
Tuesday was just another part of a really hard week. Because we go have a meeting with the other missionaries.  We had to go into town, but Jeffery didn't take us because he was in the Philippines to go to the temple there, so we took a bus in. But after the meeting, there are absolutely no buses to go back to our house. So we walked, and walked and walked for at least 2 hours, until one of our investigators saw us and took us home. (Did I mention that I couldn't bend my knee much or else my wound would start bleeding again?)

Wednesday, I did have some fun though. We got a biawak! you need to look it up. We are going to cook it for dinner Monday evening.  I went to the bike shop to see what I could do about my broken bike. It took a little doing, but we found a rim from another missionary that matched with my bike (So I don't have to buy a completely new bike).  They put it on and it only cost me about 15 dollars. Yes!!

Thursday and Friday were just sort of rest days. We didn't go out at all except for lunch.  But Friday night, I started to get sick with a fever. It wasn't until Saturday that I got a UTI, which just made everything worse. Since everyone was still in the Philippines, I couldn't get to the hospital until Sunday.  I went to a Kuching specialist after church (the longest 3 hours of my life) and he prescribed some pills for me. The senior missionaries took care of everything so I didn't have to use my personal money.  So after I started taking them, I started to feel a lot better
I went to the KDC to pick up any mail. 3 packages for me!!! 2 from mom and 1 from Ellie. :D :D It was great. I love everything so much, it made my week a lot better.

Monday morning I got up about 2:30am and then started to have diarrhea, and I've been going to the bathroom for the last several hours. To make it worse, I was at the caves again, but I couldn't go into them cuz I was in a lot of pain.
And here I am! I still don't feel 100% but I feel better than I was this morning. Sorry to worry you guys out! I shouldn't have sent you a text telling you anything. But now you know I'm okay! :) and I don't need money for my bike.
I love you guys!
Elder Vincent

Biawak (Monitor Lizard)

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