Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 15 - Back From Zone Conference in Singapore

Okay so!!!!! Hello everyone, I am back from the lovely place of Singapore.
I have to say this, because I was asked this maybe three times already. The weather is fine, we are not affected at all by what's going on in the Philippines.
But Indonesia is a perfect shield against all sorts of weather like that. We really don't get hit like ever. We still get rain, but it's not really that bad.
So I guess I should talk about my week a little bit. Since that's why I'm on here, right?
Tuesday we had our "district meeting", but it really just ended up being a visit with our district at Mcdonalds, and we were about to go back to our area, but then it starts raining like crazy. So we stayed inside for quite some time. I had my camera and I had no plastic bags to put them in, so I really couldn't go outside without getting soaked. That took up a lot of our day.
Then on Wednesday we got up pretty early to get to the airport. We have to wear our casual clothes because of immigration stuff. It was super fun to see all of my friends from the MTC there. Sister Wynn, Elder Capener, and the whole likes of them. We almost had the whole MTC group together except a couple in Singapore and West Malaysia (but I saw Elder Lambert in Singapore later on).
Got on the plane and all I brought with me is my backpack (which is really really big), with only 8 kg worth of luggage. I brought it so I could bring some more razers and batteries from Singapore (batteries for my laser pointer!)
So after we got to Singapore, we basically just got to do whatever we wanted until 7 that night. We could go see the Marina bay, which is where all the pictures of Singapore are taken like of the Ferris wheel, etc, or go shopping. I chose to go shopping with some other elders.
Basically it was just a great adventure.
Our goal was to get to the top of a building without getting in trouble. We were going up this really really tall building, we got in the elevator and there was a person in the elevator to manage it. He asked us which floor we want to go to and we're like uhhhhhhh, we were looking at the elevator numbers. He got suspicious, so we just told him to go to floor 15, which is about half way to the top. We got off and it was just offices, so we decided to go down the stair well instead of going down the elevator again.
Funny thing though, we checked every door going down, and they were all locked. There must have been some laughing gas in the stair well, because we were about dying of laughter, literally on the floor. We finally got to the ground floor and it was luckily open. Phew!!
Then we just went to get some food at Subway, which is super super expensive. 6 inch for like.... 10 American dollars.  I lost a lot of money off Singapore.
Then I went to the tie shop, which has really awesome ties. I bought 5 for 10 sing.
After that we went back to the church, and I read my letters from Ellie, you, and Brother Tolman. Really made me happy to get them all. :D :D
I got to our hotel about 12, but didn't go to bed until about 1. It's so awesome, there is hot showers there!!
Thursday we had a lot of meetings. I can't really remember anything specific from it, but it was just basically training anyway. They gave us pizza and there was a lot, and I knew I had no money for the rest of the conference, so I just ate tons. that lasted me until Friday until I got back from Singapore.
Singapore was really cool. I will have plenty of more chances to go there. I will go there in about 3 months.
Afterwards we just got home. Brother Jeffery took us home, and on Saturday he took us to a fruit market. It had fruit for super super cheap. I got enough fruit for 2 weeks for only 4 USD.
There are other things that happened this week but I don't want to spend too much time just writing this. Hope you guys have a great week!
love you guys!
Elder Vincent

 East Malaysia Missionaries - Zone Conference in Singapore

 Zone Conference - MTC Group Reunion -East Malaysia Missionaries

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