Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week 18 - Transfers

Hey guys...So this is the end of my 2nd transfer, and I am going to Bintulu, the Tanjung Kiderung (or something like that) branch. The place seems like it will be okay, and my companion is really cool. I know him from the MTC in Utah, but I am just not looking forward to leaving everyone here so suddenly.
Uhm....So as for being sick and what not, I am fine. I actually had to go to the doctor again Tuesday for my UTI. So I went in and they did an ultra sound, and it turned out okay, I just needed an antibiotic which worked out well.
I went on splits with the Zone Leader, Elder Madsen, and we went to a couple people's houses to teach. I actually really enjoyed doing that a lot. It stressed me out cuz I wanted to look good for the Zone Leaders, but things went really well. :)
We did have a great Thanksgiving actually. It was pretty awesome. The senior couples prepared this big meal for us and it was as close to an American dinner as possible. (besides the drinks, which are 100% better than America anyway)
I will send you a picture of all the food we ate. It was good.
The days have just been so crazy and I can't think of anything besides me moving to Bintulu.
I went to Bako National Park, which is almost like an island of its own. I took a boat out to the place (but its still connected to Malaysia, just easier to get to by boat) and we played at the beach for about an hour. Then we hiked 3.5km to this waterfall. The waterfall was really disappointing though. It wasn't even really a waterfall. :( But then it was another 3.5km which was kind of tough cuz I ran out of water. Ou well.
I didn't get home until about 17:00, and it takes an hour bike ride home, so we were smelling like dogs by 18:00, and then we had a Family Home Evening at 19:00, so I didn't get to email yesterday, sadly. But here I am! I am so blank as far as my mind goes, so I'm sorry for not writing a ton. Not a lot happened this week besides those things.
Love you guys a lot and miss you!
Elder Vincent

Thanksgiving Feast Photos

Bako National Park Photos


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