Sunday, December 29, 2013

Week 22

Hello everyone! So this was a super busy week as you would expect at Christmas.
Some of you already know about this, but I will explain it for the sake of this email.
Christmas is NOT celebrated in Malaysia. It is not a holiday. They don't celebrate the birth of Christ at all. Instead, it is "Hari Makan" which is the Day of Eating. 
This is basically what my Christmas was like. It started on Christmas Eve evening, and we went to 2 dinner appointments, and they stuffed us full until Elder Ormsby and I were both sick. Then the next morning at 10, we started at our branch president's house, and ate a ton, and then went to 7 other members houses throughout the day, and if you don't eat they will just say "Don't be shy! Eat more eat more!" And by the end of Christmas, we are just soooooo sick of food. I hated chicken curry after that day. The day after Christmas, I ate one meal at a members' house, and that was it. I didn't want anything else to eat because I was so sick. But horray for Skyping that day. :D :D

During the week, we met a few people that really made my week. For start, we found a lady named Sister Sheera that hasn't been to church in a few months. We went over to her house on Christmas Eve and she was really really nice. We watched the movie Joy to the World with her family. 
The next day (Christmas) we went to her house, and we found out that her dad was never taught about the Gospel, but he was interested in learning. So we taught him about the Restoration of the Gospel. That was a pretty cool experience. He speaks better English than Malay, so it was weird teaching in English. We're hoping to go over again for New Years day. :) (Btw, his name is Simon)

Preston is our investigator that I've been talking about. and guess what! He stopped smoking on christmas eve! So we are almost set for our baptism on this coming Saturday. He just needs to be interviewed. He will be baptised by Elder Ormsby. Really super excited for that! :)
Thanks for the Christmas presents! I have been eating all the candy pretty slowly though because I just feel sooo fat right now from Christmas. Good thing you can just sweat off the weight here basically.  Love you all! :) 

Sorry I have very few pictures this week... I barely did any picture taking it was such a busy week.

Elder Vincent

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