Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Week 21

Hello everyone. So this week is finally heading up to Christmas and I am super excited to Skype you guys! :D :D But I am not excited for Christmas eve or Christmas because I am eating and eating and eating and eating...I have plans to meet with so many members. I am going to be soooo sick.

But anyway. I should tell you about my week. :D
To start out with, Elder Ormsby and I got up early this morning to go meet with a less-active member. Unfortunately, we could not find them at all. We tried calling them and found out  they're at work. That was kind of a bummer. BUT as we were looking for them, we tried searching around the area, and we found another less active family that is really struggling. So we are going back to her family to meet with them on the 24th. :D (Tomorrow I guess, wow, that's so quick)
So we went to Kuching on Friday and it was soooo fun! Jeffery picked us up from the airport and we went shopping (and he bought us curry puffs and doughnuts! :D ). Then we ate at the mall there, and then we stopped at a Christmas store that had nativity sets. There were some nativity sets that were 1000 dollars! but I got a decent sized one to bring home for you Mom. :D
He took us to the KDC chapel and we got our mail :D :D That means I got a Christmas package from Ellie and a few letters from you, mom. :D ou, and one from Diane Schow. I read them and it was all really nice. I haven't opened the package yet though. I want to wait till Christmas. :D

Then we had our Christmas conference with our mission president. It was really good, but it went 6 hours instead of 5, and the 6th hour I was just about super super tired. I really was ready to go to sleep (in fact, I couldn't stay awake for the full Christmas devotional so I need to watch that again) 

We did a service project too by helping put lots of materials into bags to go to the kids in Kuching. It was crazy cuz we had like 50 missionaries all in one place.

That night I showed the other elders the mall in Kuching. I bought a media player there and also had some amazing food there. The Blessed Church (Chinese church here) came to carol at the restaurant we were at. That was pretty cool. :D :D

So the next day we got up at 5:15 am to catch our flight at 7:10 am. Sooooo tired..... So our Christmas party at the church started at 7:30 pm, so we helped a little in preparing for it. Brother David and his family took care of most of it though (the German who married into an Iban family)
That was a really fun party. I took a lot of pictures which I'll send in a little while. :D

Mazura is a member that was going to college in Kuching, but I found out that she lives in Bintulu, and came to see her family (Brother David's family) for the week. It was really cool to see another member. I tell her that she is just following me around. 

Preston, our investigator, is doing really well. He is down to 2 cigarettes a day, which is super good. We've challenged him to stop by Christmas, which means he can be baptized on the 4th of January! :D We also blessed his wife, because she has been having a pretty hard pregnancy. 

It's been a crazy week and this week will be even crazier! I'm so excited to talk to you guys again.! Don't forget, alright? :D :D

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