Saturday, January 11, 2014

Week 23

Hey guys! So this week was really great. Super busy too!
I will start out with my New Year's Eve day. No, I did not do any partying that night. I was way too tired and I knew that the next day would be too tiring for me anyway so I just didn't bother to stay up till midnight (plus I'm not supposed to anyways)
But we had a great couple surprises on the 31st of December. The first one was how we have been meeting Wat lately, and his daughter just appeared out of nowhere! so she started school and is staying with him until she finishes high-school (she is 13 now). That was a really nice surprise so he can be with some family now. :)
The other great miracle that happened this week was how we went to Sheera's house, who is one of the less active members that we went to see on Christmas, and we gave a Book of Mormon to her father, and he seems really interested in learning. So we now have a new investigator! We haven't really had any investigators besides Preston, but now that might change this week.

We went on splits this week on Friday. I went with Elder Reid, and we decided to do some contacting. We found 3 families that are really good potential investigators, and I am super excited for that. Then the next day, we found 3 more people we could teach. People were just literally flying at us this week that we have appointments with throughout this next week. It was so insane. We don't even have much time this week to do a lot, because we are going to Singapore on Wednesday and coming back on Friday, so we really have no time to meet people except Saturday and Sunday.

The other great thing that happened this week was Preston's baptism. We have been teaching him for a few weeks now, and he was really excited to be baptized. He is the only one in his family who hadn't been taught about the Gospel yet, but on Saturday he got baptized, along with the branch president's kid. Elder Ormsby baptized Preston (and he put him down in our GREEN WATER font pretty far so he made sure he was completely immersed)
I will have to send you a program sometime, but I will just send you a picture soon. :) That was basically all my week. Baptism, and lots of new people to teach. :D I have a feeling I will move again, because we are just having way too much success, which is really new to me. I definitely know that God is blessing us at this time. I'm truly grateful.

I love you guys!
Elder Vincent

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