Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 24 - Conference in Singapore

Hello everyone!
This week was a very fun one, but also very productive as well. 
I guess I will start out with my Zone Conference.
I went to Zone Conference, which is in Singapura, on Wednesday. It's about an hour and a half plane ride there from Kuching, and it takes an hour to get to Kuching. (So I was on a total of four planes this week).
When we got there, we dropped our stuff off at the church and went to a place called Sentosa. It is basically like a fun American park, but better. We went to an aquarium this time, and saw a ton of really cool stuff. Sadly my camera didn't do it justice, but I got some pretty good ones. I'll try to send them with this letter. After we ate at chilis! Yamai-lah! (Delicious!)
Our zone conference was the next day on Thursday.  Elder Wilson, a member of the quorum of the seventy, came to talk to us. It was really cool! He shook every single person's hand and talked to us for a few seconds. I found out that he graduated from Highland High School in 1968! It was good to see a fellow Idahoan (because there aren't very many of those here).
He taught really good stuff about how to ask people to be baptised and how to use the Book of Mormon. (The cool thing was is that on Saturday and Sunday we asked 3 people to be baptized, and all of them said they would. Only one of them would commit to a specific date.  I will talk about that in a minute.
After our Zone Conference, we went to Marina Bay. That is the place that has all the really pretty stuff that if you Google Singapore, you will find everything about Marina Bay. We didn't go to the main areas. We heard there was a light show, so we went to that part instead.
There was this huge bowl there designed so that you could speak into it and everybody could hear from you anywhere around the bowl. It was pretty neat. We played with that until the light show started. But it wasn't what I was expecting. They shot water out of the lake and they played a 12 minute video on the water, and shot fire out at certain parts. It was really really cool!
Then we got home and we met all of the people we contacted last week. We had a really really long lesson with our chinese investigator, because he went on and and on about the Bible. We tried to end it, but he kept talking. It was successful though.  I just hope we don't have a 2-1/2 hour lesson again next time we go.
Then at Brother Wat's house, there is a family living with them. Evelyn is not a member, so we have been teaching her. We set her a baptismal date in February, so if I stay in Bintulu, I hope I get to see that happen. :) :)
At Sister Sheera's house, we had a great visit with her and her dad. Apparently we are the first elders out of many to get him to read the Book of Mormon. That was something cool I found out this week.
This morning, we went to the beach to have our "end of transfer" barbecue. We forget a lighter though. Good thing this is a Muslim country and everyone smokes, so we were able to get somebody to help us out. It's kind of funny though to think about though: "Thank you, Heavenly Father, for still having people that smoke on this earth." Somebody said that jokingly.

That's my week! I hope all of you are great. :) I am really hoping I stay in Bintulu, but I am still waiting on transfers. The mission president had a hard time getting home last night because his car battery died and so did his phone, so he wasn't able to finish transfers, so I just have to wait for now. 
I love you guys! Have a indubidibly great week.
Elder Vincent

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