Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week 25

Hey guys,
I have a pretty small email this week just because not a lot of exciting things happened this week to talk about. I didn't even take pictures! Sorry. It's been really rainy all week so I didn't want to risk taking it out of the house.

So this week involved Elder Reid going home. He is an Elder in our district that has been really really cool. He was a great leader. Always made sure we were working strong. It was really sad to see him leave even though I knew him for 6 weeks only. I will definitely miss him a lot!
So I got my transfers though. I am staying in Bintulu with Ormsby for another 6 weeks, which I'm pretty happy about. :) 
We had to buy more food on Wednesday because we didn't want to buy food on Monday. Why buy food if you're going to leave in a couple days? I'm completely poor from zone conference though. I have 100 ringgit (30 dollars) to last me the rest of the month. That usually lasts me about a week though.
We have continued to teach Evelyn. She came to church this week with Brother Wat's daughter. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration and she has had a ton of questions for us.  We have her on date for next month sometime, so hopefully she continues to progress!
This is something I don't quite understand though. She told us that when she reads the Book of Mormon, she feels a peaceful type of cold. She gets so cold that she has to wear a jacket (and her house is pretty hot too). Then later she said she got hot and then cold. I guess it could be the spirit? I just have never heard that before.

One day we went adventuring a little bit. We took a van to the hospital, because there was a person that we needed to find. Couldn't find her though. Then we went to a place to look for houses. We tried finding the person selling new houses, but the guy didn't want to sell it to us because we were missionaries. Then we tried to get another van back home, but no van wanted to pick us up. So that was a tough day! Just everyone seemed to hate us, but ou well. We finally got a van that took us home for free! Yay I love free. :D :D

Other than that, my trainer, Elder Dailey has come to Bintulu! :D should be fun to have him again in my area.

Love you guys. The weeks are flying by now...
Miss you!
Elder Vincent

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