Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 26

Okay so I guess I should be sending you guys a weekly letter of what's going on.
This week starts out with a wonderful nonstop rain for about 4 days. It rained and rained and rained and rained some more. This is the reason why so many people are sick right now. That includes me and Elder Ormsby, although I got it a lot worse. He was able to endure through it a lot better than what I had.
On Tuesday, we were going to have our district meeting, but we were on our way to the chapel in Park City (Elder Stevens picks us up almost every time) and he hit a HUGE pothole. It literally slashed his tire open. So... we got to the side of the road and immediately the cars stacked up behind us (because there is no such thing as the side of the road besides a bunch of mud)
It was pretty funny because we were there for 2 hours and so many people were mad at us.
We didn't have a jack or lug wrench so there was no way we could put on a spare tire, so we had to wait for a mechanic, but the only way to get to us is through all of the traffic.
Needless to say, our meeting was postponed until Wednesday, which we got a taxi instead of having the senior couple getting us. We didn't want to go for a second time through that.

So something that has been driving us crazy are these cats that just meow and meow while we sleep, while we study, etc etc. Ormsby is ready to kill them. 

Our investigator, Evelyn, is doing really well. She is still reading, praying, and coming to church. We are teaching her about the plan of salvation right now, which was perfect because our topic for church yesterday was about the creation of the world. 

We found an American restaurant and we got fish and chips. It was delicious...just saying. :)
That's about it. I'm feeling a lot better now. :) Just hope we can do more work this week. :) 

Love you all!
Elder Vincent

Ahhhhh already a fourth way done. :O :O

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