Monday, August 18, 2014

Building the Sandakan Empire

Hellooo everyone.
This week was fantastic. Elder Allen is now my new companion, and although we are starting on a rough start, many things happened this week that just brings my hopes up for this branch. 
First of all, we now have a member named Michael that is super down to follow us to lessons. Not only that, but he wants to show us all the former investigators that he went to teach that got forgotten about after our area got whitewashed a million times. So we brought him on our first day yesterday and he was an impeccable teacher! Very interested in making sure they understand the doctrines. I am super excited to have him. He is willing to help every single day of the week. So long as our schedules are available... Our zone leaders are coming tomorrow and that means Elder Ormsby one of my previous companions will be going on splits with me! Yes, super jacked out of my mind! :)
So Elder Allen and I are just going to try wrecking through the branch trying to visit them and get them back to church, and then also fix some of the problems in the branch. 
As most transfer weeks go, not a whole bunch of work was done, just a bunch of visiting, but I'm excited for this next week.. Very promising. :)

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