Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Magic Conch Shell LU LU LU LU LU LU!!!

(Ethan, Brigham, you should read this part if you have time:)
Hail to the magic conch shell! I just got back from fishing at a member's house, and I wasn't having any luck with the banana leaf branch with a worm tied to a string, so I decided to pick up this conch shell and praise it like from Spongebob "The magic conch shell!!!" lulululululu!!!" and then I threw it into the water, and then immediately some bubbles were popping out of the water, and so I put my worm near where I threw the conch shell, and BAM I caught a fish. 
All hail the magic conch!!

Ok now for my week, and this also is my week for being a year out so... I did have an enjoyable time at Pizza Hut. Uhm, this week we really tried focusing on our investigators, but they kind of blew us off every time... Tuesday on our way to go to their house, they called and said Thursday.  Thursday they called and said Saturday. Saturday they called and said at church . AT church they called and said they were out of town until today... So we still weren't able to meet with them. Our plan was to get them on date for 3 weeks from now, so we'll see how it goes with them soon.
In other news just some less active work. I'm learning that a bunch of the less actives don't remember anything from the missionary lessons... So...That's awkward. Anyway, I'm reteaching them the lessons, because I feel it's necessary for all members to know the plan of salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ. :)

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