Monday, July 28, 2014

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfiltri, saudara dan saudari!

Happy Raya Day, brothers and sisters! (It doesn't really translate very well in English...)
Just imagine a bunch of of Muslims going off a month-long fast and then you understand how every single store is completely run out of food.
This week was pretty good. Our work was a little slow cuz we have to be back home by 6pm, but our investigators are doing super super great. They had their son over for the last time we taught them, and they invited him to learn with them. The daughter wants to learn too, but she is having difficulties getting over the Sabah border. (not that she is illegal or anything, but Sabah isn't too friendly to Philippines right now) The three of them came to church and the mother tried to pay tithing, even though we haven't taught her about it yet haha.
President and Sister Mains came on Friday, so throughout the week we made the house super super clean, and we meant to keep it that way after they left, but that's not what they had in mind. They had known beforehand the senior couple left a bunch of stuff at our house in boxes, and they took those boxes out and for 3 hours we went through it and sorted out what to throw away and what to give to members. Our house is in shambles right now, as we're trying to sort out the stuff we sorted through. President bought us Pizza Hut though, and threw down 100 ringgit. That was awesome. 
Hari Raya is today, and we went to some Muslim's houses and ate at their place for a while. Literally making us sick... But it was fun too. Never been in a Muslim's house for real. And...that is about it. :)
Elder Vincent



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