Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 21, 2014

Hey I meant to write this and now I'm running out of time. Sorry, this will be short.

This week was great as usual. slowing down a bit, which is kind of a bonus actually cuz I've been so tired in the last few weeks. So anyway, this week we've been still working with some less actives and investigators. One of our less actives was really awesome. After several months of not coming to church, he came and he conducted (yes there are such things as less active 1st counselors in malaysia) the sacrament meeting like a boss. Then after church he told me that he was thankful for me on not giving up on him and always inviting him to church.
Our investigators are still good, really interested in learning, just having some troubles getting them to church. Doesn't help they live in the outskirts of town, far from the church, but we also met with these investigators once, and a member we are working with happened to be there, so it was a free member present lesson without any work on our part. He was a huge help and shared his testimony with our investigator. Yay! :)
And.... That's about all that I can think of. Sabah is under a 6pm curfew, so most of our nightly work is cut. It's for 2 weeks, so that means 2 weeks for me to get penned in my house and go crazy. Not a huge fan of staying in the house... Scary stuff going on as far as wars and stuff. Everything will be okay though. :) After all, we all will be resurrected and be together forever, right? :)
hopefully that comment doesnt scare anyone, lol

Elder Vincent

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