Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

I honestly feel like I was emailing a couple days ago, but here we are back to Monday, already starting Week 3 in Sandakan. Oh well.
Another week down, and two weeks to go until my year mark. Pretty exciting stuff going on lately, but as I say a lot, I'm tired. Lots of walking and hiking up hills and my body definitely isn't used to it yet.
But the work here is good. We do actually have some investigators. Not just kids, thankfully. :) (I hear back in Bintulu they just got another 9 year old referral, lololol) Our main investigators right now are a couple that live actually pretty far away from the church, but for some how after meeting them and teaching them about the plan of salvation, they came 2 hours early.
However, they also heard about some sad news. The wife and a mother of a great family died this past Friday, and this morning we had the funeral for her. Super sad experience... :( But we know she is in a better place now. :)
The zone leaders flew in for splits and I had Elder Lundquist follow us, which is super awesome. He is from my group back in the MTC. That day was probably the hardest for me, because we were literally jumping from place to place all day long, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every corner and stone of Malaysia. </cheesy mormon saying>
Uhm... Also I met the one and only Iban member and had fun speaking Iban with her. :) I still speak it with Elder Jahali. It's actually one of our little secrets. Don't speak Malay to each other around other people. Iban only. Confuses the crap out of people.
Hmm.... And...that's about it for this week. We finally got our phone? But it's almost out of credit too haha. And yup that's it love you guys! :)

Elder Vincent


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