Thursday, November 27, 2014

November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving day three days early for me and the Elders in Sibu. We got some rules about our Thanksgiving dinner not being able to be longer than 2 hours, so our senior couples are going to be doing our thanksgiving today (Monday P-Day) and maybe we can get to watch a movie too, maybe like Ephraim's Rescue.
we'll see. :)
This week was good. Lots of trials with dropped appointments. This week actually overall was pretty hard with just strange things happening all around the zone. Our goal has been extended from 75 baptisms to 100  this year and ever since our sights have gone further, we've just had problem after problem. Satan definitely doesn't want us to get those last 25 people, but we sure can try! :)
Last Thursday I went into the immigration office and they gave me an extension until the 30th of December, but it doesn't matter because I will be going to zone conference on the 8th.
Hopefully I will be able to get back in after zone conference! :) I love this area and we have some investigators that are good, just having some really hard trials right now. 
James has been a huge help for us. He has the sickest car in Malaysia. He has his car painted with GB-13, which is the soccer team in Malaysia. He also has a PA system in his car so he can heckle people, haha. He is our main source of how people can come to church. If people can't find a way to get to church, he will pick them up. 
Our church is trying something different.  Because James is picking up people until 30 minutes after sacrament starts, we have a post-sacrament for him and the people he picks up. Only takes 5 minutes to do. I think that's a pretty good idea for those that are not able to come early.
We also have a functional Branch Council.  FINALLY! 16 months on my mission and my first branch council that meets together every week to talk about missionary work. Woohoo!! :) Anyway you guys have a great thanksgiving!
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