Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December 1, 2014

Hey Guys Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday to ya. :)
This week was a great week and also a very sad week. To start off everything, everyone is dying! Death is thrusting his sickle with his might, and literally every single investigator we have taught has had a relative die in the last week, and so they go back to take care of the burial, which usually means they will be gone for a month. So bye bye investigators, we bid thee farewell... hopefully in a month you'll come back.... :)
And Then there's us americans. eating our hearts delight out over a night thankgiving feast.
Yes. thanksgiving... yummmy and delicious with chicken, mashed potatoes, and pie. lots and lots of pie. and bergers and fries and waffles and everything else.
After all that food, there was still two chickens left, so I took them home, made it into curry chicken one day, and then the next day I made it into black peppered chicken. mmmm :) 
This week we have had quite a bit of success finding some new less actives and some potential investigators with part member families. We had 3 major families commit to come to church but didn't come...dang it... but it's ok there's always next week, right? 
We practiced for our Christmas party coming up on the 13th of December, we are doing a little nativity play and what not. I am a wiseman. 
I also translated that garment video too into Malay to help the senior couple in their temple prep class. That was fun, since he gave it to me and to a native and we tried to use as deep Malay as possible until it got so ridiculous we had to dumb it down. haha that was fun. :) 
Oh yeah and the church had no power for church. No air conditioning. We were all burning up.
Somebody apparently came in WHILE we are all in the church, cut a wire, and left without being noticed. Sad day.
Oh and its raining every day all day long now. welcome to rainy season! :) 

Elder Vincent

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