Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Week

Hey guys! This week was so crazy! We basically had parties all through Monday to Friday and then didn't get a lot of missionary work done, but I ended up with 6 more investigators in my teaching pool and still met with every single member and got to carol to them and I tried sharing a small message with them before we went to the next house.
Basically, like I said last Christmas, Christmas week is just a week of eating, and sometimes it's a little overbearing.  My Sibu Christmas was pretty well-rounded.  Not too much, but still a lot of food. Especially the pork. I gotta love the pork. With chilis. Yummm..... :)
Anyway I'm doing very well right now.  Like I said, we got 6 new investigators.  Two from some other elders that just moved to our area, two from a part member family that we found, and two from contacting, so once I find out which ones will turn out to be good, I'll let you know. But from my experience, the ones that are from part member families are always the ones that work out the best. ;)  But you never know, each soul is important to God.
This week I have realised more than ever how much I need to stop caring about myself and think of others. The people here have a lot less than I do. I thank all those who give me gifts for Christmas, but as my mission is starting to come to a close in about 6 months, I am trying to find how I can help those that are in need.  Although I am certainly not a rich person on my mission, but I have enough for myself and also to give others.  But it's so easy sometimes to use that extra money on a nice KFC or something. ;)
As for New Year's Resolutions, I am thinking about studying the Bible more earnestly.  I have not really enjoyed the Bible much on my mission, but now I'm trying to understand it more clearly. I also want to continue learning my mission language by learning at least 10 words per day. That may seem like a lot, but I know I can do it. I've learned 100 words in one day before, so I know I can do it. I challenge all of you to push yourselves and do the best you can with this new year. We only have so many years to prepare before the great and terrible day of our Lord.
Elder Vincent

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