Thursday, December 11, 2014

December 10, 2014

Hey guys so this week I went to Singapore for Zone Conference, so I couldn't email this Monday. I have had a great week so far, but it is very saddening to me.  My favorite elders are going home next transfer and they just gave their testimonies.
One of them gave me a pair of socks that their parents send every single package, which is good cuz all of my socks have holes in them already.  I got a picture with almost all of my companions there, because 3 of them are going home.
I got back into Malaysia with 90 days, which is the miracle of the mission, because I might have the sketchiest passport in the mission atm...
This week was kind of the breaking point for our investigators.  If they didn't come this week, that means they can't be baptized for this year. And... one of them came. Which is great, but she is really hard to meet with, so she won't be ready until maybe January. The one that could be baptized this year had problems coming to church, but I'm not going to give up. There's still hope. For next year at least. ;)
I actually can't remember what happened this week.  It went by so fast. We have a Christmas party coming up this Saturday and we are in charge of putting a 10 minute activity together. We've been asked to do some sort of Joseph Smith story.  Not sure how that has to do with Christmas, but I think I tied it in well with the branch president's goal to have every member read the book of Mormon all the way through next year. I am going to go very hard in getting them to follow up with that. It's a good idea and should be done by everyone! That's how I got a testimony, and I know that's how everyone will be able to strengthen their testimony.

Elder Vincent

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