Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20,2015 - Another Week in the Promised Land

Goooood morning everyone or afternoon or evening, depending on where you guys live.
So this week was quite interesting. 
Starting off with an investigator we found by contacting. We knocked on his door and usually Chinese people tend to just slam the door the second they see you. But this guy, having chains all around his body, opened up and gave us his number. Minutes after contacting him, we get a call and he asks where the church was, because he wanted to go stop by there. The next day we get a call and he asks to meet us to learn more at our house. Obviously we encouraged him to meet at a coffee shop instead and it turned out he has a real desire to "throw away the things of the past" as he said in Malay. Interesting dude!
Along with that, it's RAINY season again... YAY!! You know what that means? RAIN EVERY DAY! But not just rain all the time! Only when elders want to leave the house does it start raining, or if they want to leave their appointment it starts raining, but as soon as we get to that said appointment, it stops raining immediately. YAY!!! :D :D :D
We celebrated Elder Beliang's birthday which is tomorrow but we might not have tomorrow much if one of us gets transferred on Wednesday. A member made us a nice cake and then the member is going to make us both a traditional shirt from her tribe (Rungus) (look at this picture for details )
Also, we had Elyjah my recent convert teach gospel principals. He was only asked to take about half of the class, but instead, he ended up teaching the whole thing. He is a natural teacher and he took the time to write notes and read the scriptures in the gospel principals book to do it. He did an impeccable job! I know he will be a great kingdom builder for the new members of the church. :D :D
Other than that.... oh another contacting story! haha we met a guy on the street wearing a cross, and when we asked him what religion he was, he waited for a couple seconds to think about it and told us he was Islam. Obviously not cuz 1) He's Kadazan and most of them are Christian 2) He's wearing a cross!. so we get that a lot, people say that so we don't continue talking to them about the gospel. And then my companion says "Oh that's OK. We are Islam too so we can just be friends." Haha, the guy was weirded out and walked away. 
We had a birthday party on Saturday for Samantha and Eddies' child of 1 years old (the 1 year birthday is very important to them, and they were going to do karaoke there. Well, it started off way boring. A member told me that she won't have elders write in her book of remembrance unless they do something crazy, and with that in mind, my companion and I started dancing behind the karaoke singer, and from there the party went from completely "GAH I WANNA GO HOME NOW" to "YES!!! LETS GO DANCING!!" haha OK not so crazy as that. it was just a little bit of fun there. The next day that member told me, "don't let me forget to have you sign my book before you transfer" :P so success! overall a great and fun week.

Elder Vincent
Transfers are coming today... dun dun dun...  

Going back to Sibu!!  This time Sibu 1st Branch last time I served in Sibu 2nd Branch.

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