Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 27, 2015 - Transferring back to Sibu

Hey guys! this week was first of all transfers. My flight with Elder Yang and Coloma to Sibu was at 7:30pm.  Monday we visited Sister Dorkas' family for the last time and had just a great family home evening, played some games, and had a down to heart conversation together.  It was an expensive taxi ride though because prior to their house we were playing at another escape room, and we got out a bit late, it was like 6 pm when we finished so the sisters and us took a taxi back instead of busing back (which would have taken ages!) and ended up to be 90 ringgit.
Tuesday was our district meeting good byes. Elder Thatcher and Elder Halpin had left to go to Singapore by this time. Elder Hobbs followed us for the day, and we just met a few of our favorite members and those we couldn't meet in time we just called or texted.  I'm going to miss KK so much!
Wednesday was mostly just a bunch of waiting until my flight! I was way nervous about immigration, but by the time I got to the counter, I noticed that their computers were broke and they were just writing everything by hand and so even then they just wrote down my passport number and gave me a normal pass. :D :D :D
Since then Elder Chang and I have been trying to figure out our area together, which is pretty tough because the past elders have not updated the area book for the last 3 months, so any investigators that are "supposedly" on date will have to be taught again, if we can even contact them, since we have no idea where they live or what their phone numbers are.... So we've basically just had a clean start and making the best of it. It's been a long week out in the sun, but we've got a few things going a bit. Should be getting better each week. :)

Elder Vincent

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