Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 18, 2015 - Gawai In Malaysia

So.... Interesting Sunday. We missed the sacrament, due to a few strange accidents. I started my day by biking and I looked back to see why everyone was riding their bikes way slow, and in the midst of that I ran my foot into the side walk curb and hurt my foot a bit, not too bad though.  Still can walk. Ripped open my shoe. Then we get to the church, the meeting is about to start when a member asks us to help her with a flat tire to get to church, so we go there. We're only like 5 minutes away, fix the tire within 10 minutes, and then on the way back, a car in front of us runs over the curb really badly, and then 5 seconds later, my companion does the same thing but falls down lightly on the grass... strange 4 events all in the same hour. :P

We get back and I have a talk which went into having a TRUE Testimony.
The reason I talked about that was when a friend of mine from an old area told me about her situation.  She misses church really badly. She needs to get a job to help save up for her mission, but just as Malaysia is not very understanding of Christians, she can't go to church very often, and she started crying and told us how she misses church so badly. This came from a member which was very active when I was there, but still perhaps lacked on her testimony.  Needed friends to bring her, for her to come. Now, to working for her mission but being in an emotional state of being upset for not getting to go to church. Her testimony has grown a lot since I last saw her 11 months ago... That is what brings me true joy.  To see somebody grow from what they were to what they are now.  She does have problems still, and I can't help solve all of them, but just to hear her say that, I know she understands now the importance of the Sabbath. :)

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