Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

This week is Elder Fowler's last week in the mission.  It feels kind of strange he is going home.  We both came to the mission the same time, but he is going home two weeks before me.  So I am in the mind set that I am going home too, but I'm not... Strange feeling.  But it will be a very busy two weeks, so it'll be okay.  In fact, this next week will be very interesting because...
1)  I have no companion for 2 weeks.  I will be with the Chinese Elders until I go home.  So I am a Chinese Elder now.
2)  We are going to Miri on Saturday and we'll be there until Tuesday. We are having a special district conference where Bintulu and Miri combine to meet Elder Funk and our new mission president, President Simmons.

So yup, President Mains goes home on the 1st of July. New one comes, and then in 2 weeks I leave... But I got to meet President Mains this last Wednesday for interviews.  He just gave some good advise for the future and congratulated me of the good work I've been doing.
This week we just tried to visit everyone before Elder Fowler left.  We're still teaching some of our investigators, while a few of them went back to kampung for a week or so.  We had an incredible attendance for this week, of 73 people at church including 9 from the Chinese group, so 82 is pretty good for us. It's been struggling at about 55 lately.  President Antonius, a former branch president came back with his family.  Been a few weeks since he's been around. 
Just excited to be here for another week.  Other than that, just running to the finish line. That's about it. :) 

Elder Vincent

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