Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 38 - Easter - Remembering Our Savior Jesus Christ

Hey guys again this week was a pretty awesome week. We got 4 of our investigators ready for Baptism; N, T, B, and S. What better week to be baptized than the week celebrating the resurrection of our Savior? Just a coincidence I guess, I didn't really think about it when setting this week for their baptism.
But anyway we had a few interesting things happen.
On Friday we had our Good Friday party.  Berindin put on a couple embarrassing videos of their youth from a couple years back. Then a little reenactment of the crucifixion and resurrection and a little singing which I helped with a bit. 
On Saturday we had our Baptism. We had our time set for 7:30 and absolutely nobody was there except our investigators, and B's mom came too. I was excited she came, but I was really scared that nobody was going to come, because it is a vacation weekend I guess. 
But by 8:00 there was the youth and some other people, so it wasn't too bad. Standard Iban Time I guess. ;)
I got to baptize N, T, and B.  Elder Sheranian baptized S.
Robecca and Azim gave talks, and then Brother Wong felt the spirit so strongly that he got up and gave an unplanned talk. That was pretty cool.
It went pretty late though so seminary got cancelled. 

That night, I was trying to find the keys. I left them somewhere when getting dressed, so I looked through my bag and looked everywhere. Then one of the members told me to pray. So we said a quick prayer together, and then the second I put my hand in my bag, the keys magically were there. That was an awesome experience that the kids went back home and told their families about it. Haha. :) The power of prayer, guys. :) 

Sunday I confirmed N and T. And Bujang confirmed S.  B was not able to attend for some reason or another. :/ but hopefully we can get that taken care of soon.

Also something that also was awkward was that we found out that S isn't technically an investigator.  Apparently in Arawak, they round up peoples ages. We even asked her birthday when we first started teaching her and it seemed like she was 9, but when we made the record, it turns out she is only 8, so she isn't a convert baptism. So technically I didn't need to teach her, but oh well. The lessons still strengthened the family.
So now I'm headed off to the zoo to feed the alligators some live chickens. I'm pretty excited. This should be fun. :D :D :D

Elder Vincent

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