Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 36 - Zone Conference In Singapore

Hey guys so just another week in the Malaysia Singapore Mission. This week we went to Singapore for our zone conference which was very needed.
But anyway we left on Wednesday and we had some time to go to Chili's before we needed to be back at the church so a huge group of us goes to Chili's except some of us get split up through the trains and what not, and we actually didn't know how to get to Chili's but fortunately we found a guy that worked there that was on his way to work so we followed him and he was the best server I've ever had. I had a Santa Fe salad, bottomless chips and salsa, and a chocolate cake to top it off. I was pretty content with my meal. We got back to the church for just a little training on family history from the Moulders and then later that night just chilled.
Zone conference was good too, but perhaps a little long. We had a brake for lunch for pizza, and then a 2 hour brake for dinner which we went to Carl's Jr for (YES FOR BACON!!!). Then I tried my first Monster before a zone activity, and I was just jumping off the walls for about 30 minutes, and then I had a hard time sleeping, but that's ok cuz I just knock out on planes. (What a blessing)
uhmm... yup then subway and what not. Ate some cookie crumbs... bought a few new ties and then the guy there gave out a lot of his ugliest ties out for free (with goofy and gumby and sailor moon, etc).
Then we get back going through KL and then back to Bintulu. We got back around 8pm so our night was basically over. The next day we just met with our investigators again and they're still progressing... Yup. That's about it.
Sunday rolls around and it's raining super hard. I left my umbrella at the church so I wore a garbage bag on the way there. (What a sight) We had a pretty good attendance despite the rain. Bujang (the father-in-law of our recent convert) had a daughter come from Kuching named Rainny. We met with them that night and had a nice little testimony meeting with them and taught about the importance of having a testimony and sharing it with others.
That's my week. Yay and now for transfers this week.

Just found out that  my companion is being transferred to Ipoh West Malaysia and I am staying here in Bintulu East Malaysia.  My new companion will be Elder Scott Sheranian.

Elder Vincent

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