Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 35

Hey guys so this week was just as busy as the last week. We have really focused on our 3 investigators, Boby, Therissa and Netelen, because they are the closest to baptism.
They did really good this week. We finally got all of them to pray by themselves and Netelen even taught a lesson on The gospel of Jesus Christ, the word of wisdom, and obedience to the commandments. That was really awesome of her. Even Therissa wanted to teach a lesson but it was already getting late by then.
Then we finished teaching them everything and we had our baptismal interviews with them.  Netelen has been reading the book of mormon constantly.  She is to 2 Nephi already. She picked me to baptize her. :)

We decided that we would put their dates to the 19th so we could have enough time to teach them more.

Also on Saturday, we had a district-wide activity. We taught our branch members how to make a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich, and that was our breakfast in the morning at 6:30.  All of our investigators came including another friend of Therissa's that she herself wants to help teach. (awesome investigators!). the first hour we taught 20-minute workshops on For the Strength of Youth.  Me and Ormsby were in charge of Music and Dance. I took an idea from a seminary teacher and decided to play a variety of good music and bad music to help them understand which songs invite the spirit and which don't. Turns out that they all are scared of Skrillex and Eminem songs.

Afterwards we attempted to play some games like Running Man, which is pretty hard when it's a hot day, Capture the Flag, which they just cheated at and the game was over in 5 minutes, and a game with blind folding people and then trying to find your friends by using different calls. At the end, it was the Elders and Leaders pouring water all over them with their blind folds on. What a day! Then we got home and took it easy for a couple hours before we went to teach our investigators. We got to the church and all the people that usually help us teach them are still there from the activity. They were absolutely hysterical because they were so tired. They didn't go home to sleep and so anything we said or did just make them laugh. So we had a different member help us teach on Tithing and Fasting.  And....That's about all for my week. :)

I am going to Singapore this week for Zone Conference. Wednesday morning I go from Bintulu to Kuching to Singapore, and then Friday we go to KL and back to Bintulu. Should be fun. :)

Elder Vincent


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