Sunday, March 2, 2014

Week 31

This is my weekly report...because this was basically all my week. not much happened besides this. So my companion, Elder Ormsby, went to the hospital Monday after passing out.  They admitted him for the night and they just gave him some antibiotics.  They couldn't really find anything abnormal about him. Everything was fine, but they weren't sure why he had passed out. So they kept him one more night, and released him on Wednesday morning and gave him an antibiotic.
So from Wednesday to Sunday, he just rested. We had a few appointments but maybe one for every day. Nothing to heavy for him because he just did not feel good all week. And of course, he doesn't like to just stay inside the house. It gets a little boring, but on Sunday, he had a hard time going through all the 3 hours of Church meetings, so the Stevens, the senior missionary couple, took us home.  Sister Mains decided that it was time enough that if he was going to get better, he would be better by now, and since he isn't she sent him to Singapore. He should be there for 3-4 days, but I can't really tell how long he will be there.
As for me, I will be with the Sungai Plan Branch Elders until he gets back. We will just have a pretty busy and hectic week, trying to work in both branches at the same time. But we will figure it out! :)
Please include my companion in your prayers.
 I'm including a picture of the week of a really cute Girl!


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