Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 33

Hey everyone!
So this week was very very quick. Here are my highlights of this week:

Elder Ormsby came back from Singapore on Tuesday night. He brought the mission call of a sister in our district, and she opened it and she is going to our mission on the 9th of May!
Another brother in our district was called to the Auckland New Zealand mission and he is going on the 22nd of May!
A sister in our branch came back from university, and has decided to get ready for a mission, and has activated her family because of it!

We have still been teaching Boby and Netelen. Their other friends haven't come for a while, so we will try talking to them this week. Might have an issue between family but I'm not sure. Netelen also decided to talk to her best friend about the church and she has started to learn from us. Her name is Tressa, but everyone calls her Key. (It's a kpop girl name I guess) So those are our main 3. Key's parents seem like they might be interested in learning too, but we just haven't had opportunites because we have been soooo busy. We also are teaching Suziela and Felicia, they are part of part member families, but they are really awesome families! I'm excited to go to their house every week. :)
A lot of good work was done this week. I am really happy with what I'm doing, but of course, I'm still not the best missionary or best teacher, so I know I can do better. Let's go for it! :)
Elder Vincent

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