Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 32 - Cookie Baking Activity With Relief Society and Youth

Hello! so It's about time I send a letter. This week was just really crazy with lots of stuff going on, so I will have to just summarize a lot of it.

Making cookies with the relief society and youth! success!
Got 7 people on date, and 4 of them progressing in just one week alone. 

Okay so this week Elder Ormsby went to Singapore to check out what's wrong with him, but he got better after a couple days so he has been in Singapore staying with another elder that has an eye infection, so he will be coming back on Tuesday.
But in any case, we had a lot of referrals come to us the week before Ormsby got sick, so it was my goal to contact all of them this week, and it was a success. So...honestly, they are all children. Three of them are part member families, and then four of them are referrals from members that are their friends. So my goal for this week is to try to get their families involved (it will be easier to do that when I actually have a companion and have the time to go visit them all separately) because I don't want them to get automatically less active right after they get baptized. That's my biggest fear. 
But the kids I'm teaching seem to be really interested in learning and being baptized. I have brought a young man, Berendin, with me to help teach them all. He has been really awesome at teaching them. Shout out to him! Watt has also been helping me a lot to teach them too. It really helps to have members with you, especially since I had no companion for a week.

Boby, Mextervenson, Alexson, and Cincan are friends of the branch president's son, Adrien.
Netelen is the niece to one of our members, Sister Erin. She came to church with a different member across the street and now has a strong desire to be baptised.
Felicia is a girl I've been teaching for a few weeks now. Still working with her :)
Suziela is a girl of a part member family, Sister Jessica wanted us to teach her. 

So this week will be supppper busy with these kids, getting them ready for baptisms.
I am also excited to contact a family that has been living with this Filipino member that he wants us to teach. Immediately our work has changed from working with less active members to teaching people. It has kind of effected our attendance though, we had a pretty low attendance cuz I couldn't visit as many members as I usually could. When Elder Ormsby comes back tomorrow, we are just going to go hard on working with this branch, more than ever before.
Bintulu is the best!!!

Love you guys! Elder Vincent


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