Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week 34

Hey everyone again. This week was basically the same as last week. Except our pool of investigators is continuing to grow, and it is expected to go out of control this week.

Olivia, the daughter of our recent convert got interested in being baptized after teaching her parents about the temple.
Terissa, the friend of Netelen who has followed her to lessons, has brought a friend to church also, who happens to be in a part-member family anyways. 

Hey! so this week was one of the most stressful weeks ever. But a fantastic, hard working week as well.
Here is why:
We are still teaching our investigators, and then they have all decided to bring their friends. The only problem is, we now have to split our lessons, because our first investigators are already learning about the commandments, while their friends still don't know about the Restoration. So we have a chance of teaching 2-3 lessons per night. The only problem we have is that it's very difficult to find time to meet their families if we are teaching them every night. (And they all want us to teach them every single night).
Netelen, Boby, and Terissa are getting close to baptism, but two of them had to go back to their "hometown" (called kampung) for a few days, so we may wait a week or two before their baptisms. 
Evelyn and Tawi were together one night we met them and talked about the temple with them. It was a really cool experience, because after teaching about the temple, we asked them to prepare for the temple. Then Wat's daughter, Philomena, said Olivia hasn't been baptized yet. So instantly Olivia wanted to learn so she could go to the temple with them. Nice spark of interest I haven't seen before! 

We also got to see our recent convert, Preston. He has been swamped at work for this whole month working from 7am to 10pm at night, so we haven't seen his whole family at church until this week. It was fun to see them again.  :)

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