Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 30

Highlights from this week

  • We had a baptism on Saturday, February 22, 2013 for Evelyn. She is a very strong investigator we have been teaching for the last couple months.
  • The game is too easy. We have been receiving referrals nonstop for the last week, and so we have been calling missionary work "the game" for now. 
  • We received transfers on the 22nd as well. Staying here for now! This will make 4 1/2 months for me, and 7+ months for Ormsby at the end of this transfer. 
  • I blessed a car!

Hey guys. This week was awesome and crazy!
We basically went on a rampage to see all the members because Elder Ormsby was sure that he was moving this week, but we found out he is still staying here. That was fun. We made cookies for the members and now they are dying for the recipe so they can cook them themselves. 
We made a "contract" with one of the members that if they could read all of Ether and Moroni by the end of the transfer, we would make cookies for them. They won, so they got like 20 cookies, and now they are spoiled out of their minds! always want more more more, haha. :D just kidding I love that family. (martha) 
So like I said, Evelyn got baptized this week. She came back on Wednesday and asked if she could still be baptized this week, and so we asked our district leader, Elder Stewart, and he said it was OK. So we got everything ready, had her interviewed, and she got baptized by Elder Ormsby and I confirmed her on Sunday. It was pretty great! She now wants to learn English so she can understand us better. She still has a strong desire to learn.

Okay, I said "The game is too easy". Let me explain. The game is "missionary work" and right now, it is just way too easy. The way you win the "game" is to figure out how to work with the members to get referrals from them. These are some of the reasons why the game is too easy right now:
1. Received an investigator from a less active family that we met with last week, Felicia.
2. Received an investigator from a member that just became active that had not had her child baptized, but is older than 8 so we need to teach her.
3. After the baptism, we found out that Evelyn's daughter wasn't baptized and she wants to learn.
4. Two people came to church that we didn't ever expect to come to church. One was from an area that has been less active for a very long time, and now wants her child to be baptized. The other was a former investigator that was just begging us to have us baptize her.
5. This all happened within about 2-3 days. We were just so blown out of our minds that so many people want us to come over. Every single time that somebody came to us to ask us if we could teach so-and-so, Elder Ormsby and I would just look at each other and say "the game is too easy" so that has been our phrase of the week. 
But obviously the Lord has been preparing these people for a while now, and so we definitely can't take the credit for everything. I am being blessed now, but we will see what the Lord has in store for me later on :)

One last thing is Bujang, the father-in-law of my recent convert, Preston, invited us over for dinner on Friday. So when we got there, there was a ton of food! and so we asked what the reason for the dinner was. He told us in English "I want you to bless my new car. How do we bless it?"
And we are like...uhhh... pray for it? and he says "ou, ok. Vincent, I want you to pray for it, okay?" so...I blessed his new car! Haha. :D :D It was the best. 

and that was my week! Yup. How are all of you doing? :) 

Elder Vincent


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