Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week 28

Hello again
This week was pretty good. The work was slowed down a bit because we had to prepare for our mission president coming for our district conference, which is rather ironic because the theme of our district conference was, "Hastening the Work."
Before I talk about that though I want to talk about a couple people, including our investigator Evelyn!
So we have been teaching her for the last few weeks and we are finally starting to get her husband involved in it, trying to reactivate him too. He is just sooo busy with work. Evelyn has had a problem with drinking coffee, but she told us on Sunday that she already stopped for 2 days, which is sooo cool. She is just the best! She even came to district conference which is hard because it is a 30 minute ride there and she doesn't own a car, but we were able to get people on a van there. :)
Elizabeth, who is Wat's daughter, came back from school in Kuala Lumpur just for a week vacation. She is a really strong member but she is SOOOO Nakal (naughty) she is really funny but just loves to heckle us a ton. She went back on Saturday.
We saw Sheera again (hopefully I can get a picture of her to you soon, I feel like I am just telling you about people without faces to you, but just imagine a chocolate-skinned woman with 2 little kids running around haha) and we talked about faith with her. She definitely has strong faith and hopefully we can rekindle it enough to get her to be active again, because she is just so powerful she could help our branch out a lot.
We found out this week that we are having different transfers. Instead of moving on Thursday, the 26th or something, we will move on the 24th, the Monday, and we find out when we go on the 22nd, Saturday just through a phone call. Probably will still email on Monday that week but just don't know when. I am thinking Elder Ormsby will be leaving and I will have somebody else come, but I doubt I am training.
The reason I think that is because we had interviews with President Mains and he talked a lot about the new people coming in to Elder Ormsby, but not me, so I probably will just get another older missionary. We will see though! :)
District Conference was on Saturday night and Sunday morning. It was sooo awesome. It was the first time I actually understood everything they said, because the people spoke Malay so that everybody could understand (except the mission president and his wife).
Our member, Bujang gave a talk on enduring to the end, and it was just really cool to see him be so excited about his talk. He considered it a privilege to speak at district conference. (Which seems very backwards to how we see talking in stake conference, right?)
Overall a good week. :)

Love you all.!
Elder Vincent

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