Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 39

Hey everyone.
I don't have too many things to report other than a few special highlights for this week and a few exciting things:

Preston, my first recent convert blessed the sacrament for the first time with me.
B was confirmed as a member AND has started going to seminary.
I am learning how to do some native dances (but failing) for the Pre-Gawai party coming up in a couple weeks.
All of my recent converts came to church yesterday. That was pretty awesome. :) 

As for teaching other people, we are still teaching Evelyn's daughter, Olivia. She came to church for sacrament only, but she's starting to come more consistently. :)
Other than that, Gawai is coming up, and we are having a party on the 1st for the other branch, and then one on the 17th for my branch. It's gonna be AWESOME! :) :)

Sorry for this being so short. Not too much time this week.

Elder Vincent


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