Sunday, June 15, 2014

June 15, 2014 - A Temple Week

Hello everyone, Happy Fathers Day to ya.

This week we had some pretty interesting experiences including a post temple trip experience, some diarrhea and the Iban cure for it, a celebration for my birthday, and Evelyn's return from kampung!
So as of Thursday night, we went to Therissa's house and there must of been something in that chicken because 6am on the dot Friday morning I was running to the bathroom. It was the worst.  That night was the night that Sungai Plan branch wanted to share their testimonies about the temple with the other 3 branches to get them pumped for the temple next year. (Only have one trip per year to the Philippines) I was in the bathroom for a lot of it but it was a pretty cool experience. Bujangs family is as pumped as ever.
So as I was sick, the members asked me two questions a lot "u taken medicine yet?" And "u drink hot water?" Yes I have taken medicine but no I don't drink hot water. So their culture belief is this, if you get your body hot enough, you'll get better faster. Martha one time gave me hot salt water... salt water... uhhh... well I guess it helped cuz I feel better now. While at Martha's she had a company Amway come over and show her a new crock pot that was advertised to cook rice in 8 minutes or chicken in 9. Martha asked me if I would pitch in 100 but I would only agree if she cooked for me every night. ;) haha... not happening. :)
Saturday Evelyn finally got back from kampung and she was extremely excited to have us over. Her little daughter stole her book of Mormon, the triple combinations in Indonesian. Were lacking in those a little but I think we'll manage to give her another one. She finally decided to skip second Nephi because she wasn't getting anything at all. So Jacob here we come.
This Sunday I wanted to follow the youths class but what turned them into singing happy birthday to Oliver turned into singing to me. They caught me by surprise cuz first of all my birthday is in 2 weeks. But I guess it wouldn't be much of a surprise if it was on the Sunday before my birthday. Everyone had written a little birthday note and Robecca put together a hollow book filled with pictures of me and her gang... Nangkai gave me a key chain made of seashells. It was a really sweet gift from all of them. If I had to choose  between everything I've collected in Malaysia, it would be those small gifts.
Next Saturday we are teaching the "gang" how to make pancakes.:)
Elder Vincent

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