Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 9, 2014 - Post Gawai Week

Hello everyone.
Short email for this week.
This is the "Post-Gawai" Week, where the gawai holiday is technically over, but everyone is still visiting family otuside of bintulu, so it's pretty difficult to meet people. It wasn't until Sunday we started having more than 1 lesson per day (and some days we had literally nothing)
But there was a miracle this week. A member who was having some really rough times last month didn't want to meet with us anymore, and I was really worried about him. But this Sunday he finally came back to church, and so that was really cool.
Things are getting a little rough as far as the work, but yesterday (Monday) we got to Niah Caves again and we actually met the Miri zone again. Fun experience, but it was a hard down pour on the way home, and so everything got wet unfortunately. My camera is ok, but the phone is busted... :/ Down goes all of our contacts. This week's goal? Getting them all back.
Afterwards we had the fun, cold, wet ride back home, and then immediately going to a family home evening appointment, which was a nice ending for the day.

Hopefully work picks up this week and we can keep going on.

Zone conference is in a couple weeks, and im pretty excited to go again for my birthday, so i'll be celebrating it a little early.  :)
Love all you,
Elder Vincent

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