Monday, March 16, 2015

March 15, 2015

Hey guys so if you haven't heard it was pi day yesterday (for you) and I wanted to bake a pie. Went to the store to buy some stuff, and then realized that I didn't have an oven...
I also received my mission call as of today! (for you again, my day is already passed).

 We had a great activity with our branch, played futsal with our priesthood quorum. Our team was kinda rigged though because we had 2 fat guys on our team, and only 2 people that can run around the place, while the other team was stacked with good players. In the end we fought pretty well 16-21.

This week I actually got sick, probably from wasabi. I don't know for sure, but it was probably wasabi, the most disgusting, spicy thing I've ever had. I was puking for an entire day, it was awful. Then the next day I still didn't want to eat anything. Now i'm OK and out and about.

We met with our district president who told us a lot of way helpful things on what he wants to do with the district, but needs our help. I think this transfer will be a lot of fun because everybody in our zone except 2 elders are down to do more activities and more branch-related stuff. One elder is doing a service project of cutting people's hair each Wednesday before district conference so KK looks the most "fly" before the 28th of this month. ;)

This week still following up with a bunch of our potentials. Nothing too positive but we are teaching a girl named Em that is doing really well. She was sick this Sunday, but she has been coming every week since she came to KK. We talked a bit about baptism with her and she said she would be baptised once she learns a little more. On top of that, I get to learn another language called Murut. :) as that is her native language.

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