Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

This week was just one of those weeks again... Hmm... Well to start off with we had a pretty good start of the week. We went to Singapore this Wednesday for zone conference.  During zone conference they focused on our new mission plan for 2015. Having achieved 365 out of 545 baptisms last year, the goal for this year is 585, and then split based on our districts. Each district is reasonable except Kuala Lumpur. They have a goal for 175 this year, and yet they only achieved 20 baptisms last year. But if they work really hard I know they can get it.  Bintulu, my favorite area's goal is 40 baptisms, and I know the elders there and they said that they are getting 20 baptisms within the next month, so I have high hopes for the growth there.
Here in Kota Kinabalu, we are just barley pushing to it. My area is barely starting to speed up in the work. I got here with nothing, and now we have 2 to be baptised this week, 3 referrals, 2 of which have started to come to church already a couple times, and multiple contacts to work with. I feel like when coming into areas like this, it's like being on a bike in the highest gear. When trying to start the bike, it's hard to pedal, so you have to stand up and pedal really hard to get it going. But if people have already been pedalling prior to you on the bike and just jump right on, then the pedalling can only get faster and faster. So the point is to keep building up the area no matter what.  Always keep a teaching pool and lots of work for the next elders to replace you. :) 

This week is going to be interesting also. We have Elder Funk doing a mission tour in our mission and we meet him on Tuesday morning. We are having all of Sandakan and Tawau elders come to KK to meet him. They should be coming later today.
Then after that we are going to go hard in our area. we need to really pump up our work as soon as possible. I have high hopes for this area and can see much potential, but it's so crucial that we find who we are going to baptise now! At zone conference, we were taught about being tigers and survivors.  In the war when bombing, there are people that go to the sites that they are required to bomb, and then come back. There are others that go and if they have fuel to hit more sites than required, they come back late. They were called the tigers. It's because of the tigers that the war was ended quicker. Same here, we have the war against Satan, and we can't just be survivors. No matter how tired we are as missionaries, we must hit that other place, even if our fuel is low. LETS GOOOOO!!!!!
Elder Vincent

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