Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015 -District Conference, Take 2 in KK

Hey guys this week was absolutely great. We were so busy, so here are just some highlights of things that happened:
1) Taught a girl named Azura. Contacted by the sisters and when we started teaching her she was interested in what we had to teach but she had the strangest question ever. She opened up the bible and went to the scripture that said about being baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. So... what is the names of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost? Well the Father and Son is easy for me, but the Holy Ghost? where got a name? haha
2) Knocked on a door with an Indian Biddayuh campur of a guy. Really big guy. we introduce ourselves as missionaries and he says, just a second I need to get a shirt, and I'm just thinking, yup he's going for the gun. But he actually gets a shirt on and invites us to teach him. Way nice guy, and he said he really wanted to try our church out next week. His name is Abraham.
3) Sports night on Wednesday. Way fun and we had lots of good things come from it too.  Two friends came with KK 2nd Branch members and got two new investigators for the sisters (hopefully??).
4) President will be rasing our support to 900 ringgit next month since we have all been telling him we have been using maybe 200 ringgit from personal to survive. That will be nice.  I have been ok since I had extra money from Singapore.
5) We got two of our recent converts to come to a new member meeting early and one of them shared their conversion story. I was way impressed with him, being so new but being willing to share with others. :)
6) At district conference we had these two random families from Texas and Arizona, but living in Saudi Arabia, come to our conference on Sunday. They were vacationing in Sabah and decided to come to church, not knowing about our conference. Seemed way cool. First time I've seen LDS Americans besides missionaries in Malaysia.
7) We've had the Tawau elders in our house for the last 3 nights and it's been quite entertaining... Tough to get them around sometimes to appointments but it's been a blast just like the last time I was in KK when I was serving in Sandakan. Tonight we should have a blast at another family home evening. :) 
-Love Elder Vincent


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