Monday, March 9, 2015

March 8, 2015

Hey guys! Baptism this week.

Elder Newing baptized both of them though as he was the first one to start teaching them. I had been teaching them for the last 4 weeks though.
Well everybody was sick during the baptism because all of them ate the same pork that was not good at all, and then the next day they came to church, received the Holy Ghost, and left because they couldn't hold themselves together for three hours, :P We got  to take the sacrament to a couple of their family that just were so bad they couldn't get up. I finally met my branch president this week, as he came back to KK for a day just for the baptism before he went back to KL again.
We had Elder Funk also come this week and train us how to be more efficient missionaries. He gave me the example of a missionary starting to talk about the super bowl to his family and asked if my parents told me about who won the super bowl. I told him I didn't even remember it was the super bowl.  Now that I think about it I guess I heard about it but it seems like forever ago.
It was way good training and I was super excited about it.
 Other than that we found a way solid investigator that was referred to us last week and she has now been coming for two weeks now. She came back from her village and she said it's weird to her to speak Malay because she speaks only Murut in her village. The way to say "I want to eat" is "Asi'a aon angkan." way hard language to pronounce. :P
But then this Sunday we also got another 2 referrals, way way cool right now. That's when you know members are actually wanting to share the gospel with their friends and family. :)
And.... uhm... thats about all. for this week. I'm gonna try sending some pics with this but not sure if this computer can send any. 
and transfer news: Still in KK with Elder Beliang. :D

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