Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

Selamat pagi.
This is my last week of the transfer, and it also is my week to be in Singapore and Kota Kinabalu for 5 days for zone conference and district conference. It's going to be a pretty crazy week. It seems that whenever I am going to blow up, there is always zone conference. Just a little break every 3 months to be inspired to know what to do. Then 3 months back to work.
This week was pretty rough again, especially with church this week. We've been in charge of blessing, passing, and teaching every lesson for the last month. The teachers have gone less active, so we've been taking the weight trying to keep church going smoothly. Our youth are super super good. I'm extremely impressed with the youth. But the rest of the branch has been extremely tiring trying to get things back up the way they were.
We had our zone leaders on splits with us for 2 days. We were trained on the same training that Elder Allen and Funk (general authorities) told them in MLC last week. There are some new changes to our focus in the mission. The normal 3 fundamentals in missionary work has been Find, Teach, Baptise. It has now been increased to Find, Teach, Baptise, Retain, and Reactivate.
They also have taught us that it is possible to get one baptism each week per companionship. And then gave us a training on how to do that. It was mainly based on our trainings. Elder Allen (not my companion) went through the planners of some zone leaders to find them all blank or not very much in them, and then made the point that it is extremely important to plan every single hour and second of every day out to fit the 5 principles of our mission, especially when it comes to finding. To make more plans to find. We did just that and we got quite a few numbers, and a couple return appointments. This week our progression with those numbers, but hopefully they don't disappear in the next week.
One of those people happens to be living in one of the biggest houses I've seen in my entire life. Including in America. It is sooooo big maybe 20 times bigger than our house. They have a bunch of really sick cars.
The morning after meeting them, we wake up to a bunch of fancy cars honking their horns at each other, just driving around the neighborhood for kicks and giggles. I guess that's what rich people like to do with their time.
A good miracle is that Michael came back, and he said his Dad gave approval for his siblings to get baptised, so he is going to live with his siblings so they can come to church every week and get baptised. I hope I stay for that.
Transfers are next week and most Elders don't stay in this area for more than 2 transfers, so my time might be up. But I guess we will let the Lord decide what is in store for me.

Wish me luck on my 4 flights this week. Love you all and talk to you again next week.

Elder Vincent

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